In the heat insulation industry, where the number of employees is declining,
we have 15 employees at any given time.There are 20 people including partner companies.

Furthermore, the average age of our craftsmen is 28 years old, and our personnel retention rate is very high.
We also put a lot of effort into training new staff members so that they can become immediately effective.

The staff gets along well with each other,
and one of the main features of the company is that it always holds a company trip once a year.

This page introduces some excerpts from such staff situations.



Staff Features

  • The average age is young.

    The average age of our staff is 28 years old!
    Our staff members are very close to each other, and they study each other's skills every day from the viewpoint of being both friends and rivals!

  • No salary cap.

    We have a salary structure that reflects the more you do, the more you get paid. Your efforts and skills will be well visualized and you will be paid accordingly.

  • Generous benefit packages.

    We believe that the generosity of our benefits package is synonymous with the "relationship of trust between management and employees.
    We provide generous benefits for our employees so that they can work for a long time with peace of mind.

  • Immediate results
    in a short period of time.

    We have a place in our factory where you can practice the work you have done in the field at any time so that you can quickly become a work-ready human resource.
    We also put a lot of effort into education, such as various training programs.

  • Vacation and benefits
    are excellent.

    Good business operations naturally require good vacations.
    We offer summer and New Year vacations as well as childcare leave.

  • The latest technology and
    certifications are available.

    Times are changing at a dizzying pace, and we provide an environment where you can acquire new skills and qualifications so as not to be left behind.
    Qualification allowances are also available.