Privacy Policy

NAMBA INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd We write "Our company" below. Plus providing services in our website We write "This service" below. We decide to set the privacy & policy about handling with our user's privacy. We write "This Policy" below.

1 Personal Information

The personal information is the personal information in the law of personal information in Japan.
It includes such as
Date of birth,
Phone number,
Contacts with details can make a information recognizing the specific person and looks,
Date of voiceprints,
The information can recognize by health insurance card with its number.

2 The way of collecting personal information

Our company may ask users below
Date of birth,
Phone number,
Email address,
Credit card number,
Bank account,
Drivers license number,
In addition Our company may collect information following trading records including a personal information and settlement from below. information provider, advertisers, advertising delivery destination, We write "Partner".

3 Our purpose of collecting and using personal information

The purpose that our company collecting and using below.

  1. The purpose that our company collecting and using below.
  2. For answering from users.
  3. For sending mails about service of new functions that users have used, updates, other services such as new campaigns.
  4. For contacting maintenance and important announcements.
  5. For declining users violate against terms of service and using our service with bad intentions and unjust purposes.
  6. For users can have a look and revise their registered information, confirm their status.
  7. For charging to users into our paid service.
  8. The pupose accompanies using purposes upon.

4 Changing using purpose

  1. Our company changes user’s personal information as long as a case is accepted correctly that a using purpose has a relevance.
  2. Our company officially announce users and our website about our purpose after changing our using purpose with our measure.

5 Producing personal information for others

  1. Our company don't produce personal information for others before users consent to using personal information. there is some exceptions below. However, except for the case of being accepted by the law of personal information and other laws.
    1. When it is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, providing destination of relevant information is not to be applicable.
  3. In the case of that improving a public health or promoting a well education for children are specially necessary and being hard to get consent by people relating to information.
  4. In a case of our company need to cooperate to national institution or local government or a person who received to entrustment, there will be a dangerous possibility with an execution of the affairs concerned.
  5. Our company announce officially or notify plus when we send a notification to Personal Information Protection Committee.
    1. Using purpose be included in producing to third party.
    2. Items of data provided to third parties.
    3. Means or methods of third party provision.
    4. Stop producing personal information to third party at the request of the person.
    5. Method of accepting the person's request.
  6. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in case of listed below where to provide the information isn't applicable to third party.
    1. In the case of our company entrust to handle with personal information or part of it which accomplish using purpose in the extent necessary.
    2. In the case of providing personal information with business succession by M&A or other reasons.
    3. In the case of shared using with the specific person uses personal information. In add, the status that announcing to the user beforehand about using purpose by user and name of the person has the responsible for managing personal information concerns, scope of joint users, personal information item of shared using.

6 Disclosure personal information

  1. If our company get a request by the person, we are sure to disclose urgently. However, If any of the above applies by disclosing, we notify that won't disclose a part of that or all of that. We ask 1000 JPN Yen for that regarding to disclosing personal information.
    1. In the case of that there would be something harms the rights and interest such as life, physics,assets.
    2. In the case of that there would be some remarkable damage for our company's business.
    3. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, We wouldn't disclose such as information of history and feature except for personal information.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in principle, the Company will not disclose non-personal information, such as historical information and characteristic information.

7 Revising and deleting personal information

  1. Users can charge for deleting and revising through our procedures if the personal information in our company is incorrect. We write as "modification"
  2. If our company judge to need to answer by user's charge by last paragraph, we are sure to revise personal information urgently.
  3. If our company revise based on the policy last paragraph or decide to not revise, we are sure to announce users soon.

8 Such as suspension of use personal information

  1. We investigate urgently and delete or stop using if the user ask us reasons why for handling with personal information beyond the range of using or aquiring information by dishonest way.
  2. We urgently conduct personal information concerned if would judge to need answering charges by user based on investigation of last paragraph.
  3. We announce users soon if we offer to stop using for user or not to do that based on the policy of last paragraph.
  4. We alternate if we can take action for saving the user's rights and interests plus had a conflict with stop using with a large amount of expence despite the last 2 paragraph.

9 Changing privacy and policy

  1. We can change those contents about privacy and policy without notifing to users unless there are matters that are otherwise stipulated and relating to Japanese laws.
  2. Those policies take effect after changing privacy and policy ever since posted on our website unless our company decide separately.

10 Contact

Please contact about our privacy policy below.

  • Address: Postal Code 671-1107 
    1665 Nishikamata, Hirohata-ku, Himeji, Hyogo, Japan
  • company name: Namba Industry Co., Ltd.

Thank you.