About Us

Our company takes pride in
supporting the environment.

[Thermal insulation works]

In order to use thermal energy efficiently,
heat and cold insulation work is performed on various facilities, etc. to prevent thermal radiation.

This construction works is not generally known.

However, it is one of the most important construction projects
for infrastructure and people's lives.

Supporting the environment is the pride of insulation contractors.

With the motto of "We are committed to supporting people's lives and livelihoods," we will continue to push forward today.



Why we are selected.

Reason 01

Our ability to handle both large-scale and small-scale construction projects consistently in-house.

In the heat insulation industry, where the number of employees is declining, we have 15 employees at any given time.
We handle everything in-house from survey to construction management for both large and small projects, and are highly regarded for our flexibility in handling each project.

Reason 02

Average age of our craftsmen is 28!
Long-term correspondence and dealings with customers are possible.

The average age of our employees is 28 years old, whereas the average age of construction and civil engineering workers is generally 46.2 years old. All of our employees work at the craftsman level.
We put a great deal of effort into training our new employees so that they are ready to work immediately, and the quality of our craftsmen's work and the speed with which they perform their work are unmatched by any other company.
Our company is composed of young craftsmen, and we are able to build long-term relationships with our clients for the future.

Reason 03

We have our own factory.
We have a large amount of materials and can perform sheet metal processing in-house.

We have our own factory and secure large quantities of materials. We can also perform sheet metal processing in-house.
Since the work is completed in our own factory, we can flexibly accommodate short delivery times and additional construction.

We have established our own quality control system for materials required for construction.
Our own factory is also used as a place for new employees to improve their skills so that we can deliver even better works.

Reason 04

We are aware of global trends and actively acquire the latest technology and qualifications.

In order to flexibly respond to a wide variety of job sites, we are sensitive to global conditions and industry trends. We are also committed to acquiring the latest technology and qualifications in order to perform better construction works.

We currently have a number of employees who are qualified as first-class heat insulation installation technicians, asbestos surveyors, and scaffolding assembly supervisors.

All of this is done to deliver a better construction experience to our customers.

Reason 05

Our extensive network of contacts allows us to serve out-of-prefecture and overseas.

With our nationwide network and responsiveness, we can handle construction work within the prefecture as well as outside the prefecture.

One of our strengths is our ability to provide a wide range of services, from construction to renovation and maintenance works.