• Service 01

    Insulation works

    Heat insulation work for heat release measures and burn prevention work to maintain internal temperatures will result in energy savings and environmental measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Service 02

    Sheet Metal Works

    We measure, fabricate, and install everything from small piping to huge tanks at our own factory.
    We also finish exterior walls, roofs, and penetrations. We are confident in our finish.

  • Service 03

    Environmental Policy

    Insulating heat generated from equipment and piping leads to countermeasures against global warming and reduction of CO2 emissions.
    We also provide working environment countermeasures such as heat stroke countermeasure construction.

  • Service 04

    Cooling Works

    The problem of heat emission is becoming a concern in the future.
    Our company performs cold insulation work based on correct knowledge and technology, and also increases the number of anti-condensation works due to environmental changes.
    We will make proposals that suit the situation.



Flow of construction

  • 01

    Contact us

    We accept inquiries by phone or inquiry form. After receiving your inquiry, we will schedule a meeting and site survey.

    We can also provide services outside of Hyogo Prefecture.
    We will be happy to visit you. Please feel free to contact us regardless of the size of your construction project.

  • 02

    Site Survey

    We will visit the construction site and conduct a preliminary survey and measurement.

    We will confirm what tools and preparations are necessary in advance, assuming that construction has actually begun.
    Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

  • 03

    Submission of quotation and contract

    We will present a formal estimate based on the details of the meeting, site survey, and budget.

    If you are satisfied with the contents of the estimate, a contract will be signed.At the time of quotation, there is still no charge for the service. [except for distant areas]

  • 04


    We perform construction according to the details and schedule decided at the meeting.

    We will proceed with the construction work while checking the progress at any time.
    As professionals, we promise a high quality finish without any compromise.

  • 05

    Construction completed

    We will compare the construction details and have the customer confirm the finished product.
    If the customer is satisfied with the work, the construction is successfully completed.

    Payment is requested at this stage.

  • 06

    After follow

    Even after construction, we are always ready to support any request for repair or maintenance.
    It is a matter of course that we take responsibility for the part we have worked on until the very end and support it for a long time.

    We welcome your inquiries about other construction projects and requests. Please feel free to contact us.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to share some insulation.The construction area is only 1 meter long, but I want you to come and do the work.
    Of course, we will be happy to accommodate you.
  • I am ignorant about thermal insulation work, can I just ask questions?
    We will be happy to accommodate you.
  • I am worried because I don't know the market price of the insulation business.
    We are aware of the market price of each area based on the materials we use.
    We are looking for a reasonable price that both the client and our company can coexist with, so honestly speaking, it is neither cheap nor expensive.
    >If you have any questions, we will be happy to politely explain.
  • Won't it take a considerable number of days to request an estimate and construction work?
    We also have a full time administrative staff.
    We strive to respond in the shortest possible time due to our abundant human resources and subcontractors.